About me

  I was and am by profession a photographer,  www.imagarmendia.com, and now also a ceramicist because, to my joy and surprise, I have discovered that the eye can touch and the hand can see, and this is a discovery I wish to pursue.
I create each piece one by one from my studio in the forest outside Barcelona.
Perhaps I am in a labyrinth and need to leave. Perhaps, while wondering which way to walk, I hear the bellow of the Minotaur and I remember Ariadna. Perhaps I have forgotten, as she had, to take a spool of thread to unwind along the dark passages. Perhaps I tremble with fear. Perhaps I scratch at the walls of clay and see that it crumbles easily. Perhaps I roll the clay between my fingers for reassurance. Perhaps I form plates, jars, cups. Perhaps I can fire them within my heart. Perhaps, when at last the Minotaur finds me, he sits at my side and looks at me with love and begins to eat with me. Perhaps, then, I forget that I ever wanted to leave the labyrinth.
 Jesús Aguado is the poet behind the fine words of this project.
Kirstin Adams turned them into English.
 Alaia del Olmo helped me with the styling of the pictures,
and Mónica Fernandez is the model.