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White ceramic collection (orders-bajo pedido)

Black ceramic collection (orders- bajo pedido)

¨What serendipity to be here.¨

Adarbakar believes in things that, like true happiness, do not evaporate from your touch; things that are in themselves happy, contagiously happy. Cups, salad bowls, dishes or glasses – each printed with photographs inspired by nature or poems that whisper secrets in your ear.

These pieces are unique, durable and strong because they have been individually crafted for the enjoyment of food and the pleasure of touch; they have been created so that the universal and hidden happiness they carry with them are beholden only to love, trust, sensibility, beauty, empathy, the soul and fine taste.

Custom-made pieces


Most pieces come with a poem by the renowned poet Jesús Aguado. The poem and the piece are united at random.


Most pieces come with an image inspired by Nature taken by Ima Garmendia.

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Art in the times of coronavirus - Arte durante el confinamiento.


We all go through emotional roller coasters.
Who better than the artists to express it.
Our artists offer us their impression of this moment.
Este período tan especial de confinamiento exacerba nuestros sentimientos.
Todos pasamos por una montaña rusa emocional.
Quién mejor que los artistas para expresarlo.
Nuestros artistas nos ofrecen sus sensaciones de estos momentos.

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Slowness and handmade ceramics



We are fast; we go very fast. We run, we hurry, we change, we travel frantically; in order to arrive where? In order to be or achieve what? to be able to answer these questions we must learn once again the art of slowness.

Text by Jesús Aguado.

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Mindfulness in handmade ceramics and photography


Meditation, photography and handmade ceramics have much in common: all are based on being in the present moment, they require concentration and focus, and they work better when you clear your mind from distracting thoughts.

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Hello Adarbakar


With great joy I present Adarbakar, an artistic brand that combines ceramic, photography and poetry.

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