Most pieces comes with an original poem

by Jesús Aguado.


What serendipity to be here.
Look at the steps not taken that seem so happy from afar.
I close a door that was never there. And trap my finger! 
Like a drop of rain drying on the clothesline. 
The telephone rings/in the empty house/the plants grow. 
Like the boat made of sand that dissolves in water
Take the clock off the wall and leave time hanging there. 
I will love you into a thousand pieces when I stop loving you.
Your footprints still look towards the sky along the way. 
Safe from the happy bustle of words.
Time that never arrives in time.
Play at being shipwrecked, and survive.
You look at me and I am within your eyes. What would happen if you closed them?
Your name before the name. The plate before the plate. The tremor of origins.
A thousand thoughts dissolve into one, and this into nothingness.
Your hands know more than your thoughts. Have you forgotten?
 With a caress, the breeze and the fern create the world.
Leave your fingerprints in the clay, in the emptiness.
Step carefully into my dreams lest you wake me
To love is to hide from yourself in another.
The Self has roots that the eye cannot see.
Night was hiding inside me. I bring it out
Clarity is lights human face
Like empty boxes on top of each other in fragile equilibrium. Are you like that?